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C-Class Pet Grooming Program

Duration: 20 Lessons (Part Time Available)
Installment Plan: 0% Interest Available

C-Class Pet Grooming Course Outline:

Upon completion of the Basics with C-Class in Pet Grooming Program, students can progress to the B-Class in Pet Grooming Program which covers an in-depth segment on hand scissoring. Students get to be in touch with more breeds & different styling methods. In addition, they will be taught to perfect their grooming skills & to work on increasing speed, productivity & efficiency.

• Advanced Scissoring & Styling
Clipping of: The Poodle is covered extensively, paying particular attention to clipping the feet & face safety without fear of clipper-burn problems. An in-depth segment on hand-scissoring, Lamb & Teddy-Bear pattern.
Spaniel Breeds... Including the Cocker (American & English)
- Terrier Breeds... Including Schnauzer, Silky Terrier, West Highland Terrier
- Parted Coats... Including the Maltese, Silky & Shih Tzu
- Also Bichon-Frise, Pomeranian & Shetland
- Cat Grooming
- Small Animals Grooming (Rabbit, Guinea Pig)
- Colour Dye
Clipper patterns & blade
Clippers feet, face, tail & undercarriage
Common professional patterns
Pattern variations for body, head, ears & tail
Diagrams, illustrations, in depth instruction
Advanced scissor finishing techniques
Pattern of hair growth
Working on Increasing Speed & Efficiency

Opportunities After Graduation

Partnership Opportunity
Franchise Opportunity
Work Opportunity
Freelance Jobs Opportunity

Dog Grooming Advanced Diploma
Dog Grooming Advanced Diploma
Dog Grooming Advanced Diploma
Advanced Diploma Pet Grooming
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